The Trevor Mann Baby Unit (TMBU) is a specialist NHS department for the care of premature and sick newborn babies
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The Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) is on the 2nd floor of the Main Building at Princess Royal Hospital, Lewes Road, Haywards Heath, West Sussex RH16 4EX.

  • How can I get to the unit?

    By bus

    There are several bus services which stop outside the hospital site on Lewes Road.

    Metrobus route 270 provides an hourly link to Royal Sussex County Hospital from East Grinstead, Haywards Heath, Princess Royal Hospital and Burgess Hill. For more information call Metrobus on 01293 449191 or visit their web site by clicking on the link below.

    Metrobus information

    For details of other services please contact:

    • Compass – Tel: +44 (0)1903 690025
    • Brighton bus times
    • For real time bus information click here

    For travelling between hospital sites, there is the 40X bus service that runs between the Princess Royal Hospital and Royal Sussex County Hospital sites on an hourly basis. This service is free to parents visiting their babies at either units. They will need to carry a letter, which we can provide, stating that their baby is an inpatient.

    For more information about this service call the Sussex Bus on 01444 246693 or visit their website at The Sussex Bus information.

    By train

    The nearest train station is Haywards Heath and the hospital is 30–40 minutes’ walk, some of which is moderately uphill. Taxis are normally available at the Railway Station.


    There are three pay-on-foot car parks; take a ticket to enter and when ready to leave pay at the machine, return to your vehicle and use the ticket to exit the car park. Disabled parking is available across the site.

    There is also a considerable amount of pay-and-display parking on the roads by Hurstwood Park Neurological Centre and along Colwell Road.

  • How often can I visit?

    You can visit your baby whenever you wish. However, at certain times you may be asked to wait outside the nursery. We may ask some or all visitors to leave when we have to perform any emergency procedures, or if the number of visitors makes it difficult for the staff to attend to your baby’s needs. The unit can feel very warm, so it is advisable to wear light clothing or layers.

  • Who can come with me?

    It is important to remember that very sick or premature babies are at increased risk of infection.  Limiting the number of visitors and how much your baby is handled by other people helps to reduce this risk.  Visiting is restricted to three people per baby and all visitors must be accompanied by at least one parent.  Only parents/siblings are allowed into the nursery during the ward rounds and during quiet time. Only parents/siblings may touch your baby during their admission.  Anyone other than parents/siblings may only visit between 3pm and 7pm.

    Your baby’s brothers and sisters are welcome to visit, but please do not bring any other children under the age of 16 years as they will not be allowed onto the unit. We do not encourage visitors after 8pm in order to allow your baby to rest and grow.

    Anyone who is unwell should not visit as the babies are extremely vulnerable to infection.

    Information regarding your baby will not be given to relatives over the telephone.

  • Confidentiality

    To ensure confidentiality, you must accompany any other visitor; they cannot come without you, nor will we give them any information about your baby.

    We would ask you not to look at, approach, or ask questions about other babies on the unit to respect their privacy.  In the same way, we will ensure that other visitors/strangers are not given information about your baby when they ask.

    As with ward rounds, we urge you to appreciate and respect the need for confidentiality and privacy of each family during your stay on the unit.

  • What is quiet time?

    In order for your baby to rest and grow there is a quiet time each day on the unit. During this time your baby is allowed to rest without any invasive procedures or investigations being carried out.

    However, emergency care or procedures will continue to be carried out during this time.

    Quiet time is daily from 3pm-5pm. Only parents are allowed to visit at this time.

  • What do I do when I first arrive?

    Please ring the bell on the video entry phone outside the unit and wait for staff to answer.  The staff may be tending to a baby’s needs so this may not be immediate. Please clearly state who you are and who you have come to visit so that we can let you in.  For security, it is vital that you do not allow anyone who is not with you to follow you into the unit.

  • Infection Control

    Please hang up coats on the hooks provided outside the nurseries.

    As you know, hand washing is very important to reduce the spread of infection in small vulnerable babies. We ask all visitors to wash their hands with soap and water when entering and leaving the nursery.

    We also ask you to remove all jewellery including watches, bracelets, bangles and rings (except your wedding ring) and to keep your valuables with you.

    To further avoid the risk of infection, you should roll up your sleeves to the elbows before washing your hands and we advise you to avoid long, painted or false nails as this also risks infection.

    You will find alcohol gel at the side of each cot and we ask you to apply this after hand washing and every time you go to your baby.

  • What can I bring with me?

    Due to limited space and the risk of infection, it is sensible to keep the amount of belongings to a minimum at your baby’s cotside.

    Toys and gifts

    Due to the risk of infection, toys are not permitted within incubators or around the bedspace of babies who are nursed in incubators.  Once your baby is nursed in an unheated cot, you may bring in one small machine washable toy if you wish.

    Celebratory balloons, flowers and banners are not permitted on the neonatal unit.  Mobiles should not routinely be used as they can obstruct staff who may need to treat babies in an emergency.  Occasionally, a mobile may be recommended by a play therapist or physiotherapist for older babies


    Please feel free to take photographs, or to video your baby, as much as you want to. It is very important you capture the early days of your baby’s life, and babies are not disturbed by the flash. We will give you a couple of digital photographs soon after your baby’s admission to the unit.

    Notebook or diary

    Some parents find it helpful to keep a written record of the events, milestones and feelings that you experience during your baby’s hospital stay.


    We have a large selection of baby clothes, so you do not have to provide these. If you wish to bring your own clothes, please make sure that you label them clearly with your baby’s name. We will provide a laundry bag at the end of the incubator/cot for your baby’s dirty clothes so you can take them home to wash.  Clothes and bedding should be washed at 65 degrees during their stay on the neonatal unit.


    We provide nappies, cotton wool and cotton buds for the first few days of your baby’s stay. We would ask you to supply these after this time. Your nurse will advise you on which size to buy.

  • Is parent accommodation available?

    On the unit we have two furnished bedrooms for parents to use.  These are used when babies are establishing feeding or prior to discharge (rooming in). These rooms allow you to care for your baby’s needs with support from the neonatal staff. The parent area also includes a kitchen with a kettle, fridge and microwave which parents are welcome to use.  There is a small seating area and a toilet for visitors to the unit.

    Are there refreshments available for parents?

    There is a kitchen in the parents’ sitting area for you to use, equipped with a microwave, kettle and toaster. You will find limited supplies of tea and coffee. We ask you not to take hot drinks or food on to the unit to ensure a clean and hygienic environment and to prevent accidents.

    There is a small coffee shop on the ground floor near the entrance and a restaurant on the second floor. Please ask unit staff about opening times and directions.

  • No Smoking policy

    The Trust operates a No Smoking Policy following the introduction of new governmental laws. This applies to all patients, visitors and staff. Please respect this policy.

  • What if I have spiritual and social needs?

    Spiritual needs and support

    The hospital has a team of chaplains who are available at any time to provide spiritual support to anyone, irrespective of their denomination or faith. If you would like the support of your own minister or religious representative, please let us know and we can endeavour to contact them.

    Baptism and/or blessing

    You may wish to have your baby baptised and blessed or have another religious ceremony, while your baby is with us on the neonatal unit. If you would like us to arrange this, please speak to the nurse looking after your baby.

    Social needs

    If you have a problem that you would like to discuss with a social worker, please ask the nurse looking after your baby to arrange this.

  • Can I reclaim travel costs?

    Visiting a baby in hospital can be expensive.

    Reduced cost hospital parking permits for one week or one month are available.  Please ask a nurse and they can provide you with the necessary documentation required to obtain one of these permits.